Our Support Staff

Our outstanding veterinary support staff makes it possible for us to consistently provide exceptional care to the Naples community. Their dedication and enthusiasm are an inspiration and we're extremely thankful to have them on our team!

Nursing Staff

Amanda joined our nursing staff in early 2015 after completing the Veterinary Technology Program at Heritage Institute. She also completed an internship with a local specialty hospital in Ft. Myers. After volunteering at the Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary, Amanda developed a strong interest in wildlife and their rehabilitation. She is a native to Southwest Florida and in her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Max, scuba diving, playing cards, doing nature photography, and deep sea fishing with her family. Amanda has a toy Aussie named Baxter.

Our Veterinary Support Staff in Naples: Amanda L.

Amanda Licciardi

Originally from Miami, Florida, Charity and her husband Bill (her favorite human) moved to Naples in mid-2015 and she joined our team in October that same year. Charity previously worked as a veterinary technician on the other coast, where she learned many excellent skills. She and her husband have 4 dogs named Mojo, Tank, Zeus, and Rhea; a Lovebird named Pichon; and a Leopard Gecko named Embryo. When she's not working, Charity enjoys walking her dogs, playing video games, solving jigsaw puzzles, motorcycling, kayaking, and taking trips to Disneyworld.

Our Veterinary Support Staff in Naples: Charity Roberts

Charity Roberts

Since she could remember, Darci always knew that she wanted to work with animals. In high school, she obtained her CVA and started out working in kennels, and was eventually cross-trained to become a technician/receptionist. For Darci, being able to save lives is one of the most rewarding aspects of working at AVC. She and her husband Sam have 10 animals: 5 Catahoula/Cur dogs named Skeeter, Bailey, Bane, Bruiser, and Ethel; 2 cats named Tiny and Miss Kitty; and 3 horses, Hurricane, Rooster, and Baby Girl.

Darci is currently still attending college and loves spending time with her family when she's not at work.

Our Veterinary Support Staff in Naples: Darci Kline

Darci Kline

Megan is a certified veterinary technician with many accomplishments under her belt. She has a BA in Environmental Studies from Rollins College and an AS degree in Veterinary Technology from St. Petersburg College, is Fear Free Certified and is certified in ultrasonography with Oncura Partners. She pursued her initial degree in Environmental Science due to her interest in wildlife conservation. After serving in the Peace Corps as an Environmental Awareness Promoter in the Dominican Republic, she veered onto the path of social work, working at a domestic violence shelter that allowed residents to bring their pets. While there, spending time with the veterinarian and seeing the intensity of the human-animal bond, Megan was inspired and became interested in veterinary medicine. Being able to help the homeless and the unwanted pet population has been extremely rewarding for her.

Megan and her husband Adam have a daughter, Hanna, 3 Golden Retrievers named Rowdy, Rosie, and Julie, and 2 cats, Caesar and Chino. Her family also fosters litters of kittens for the Gulf Coast Humane Society. Outside of work, Megan's favorite things include traveling, concerts, and spending quality time with her friends and family.

Our Veterinary Support Staff in Naples

Megan Bennett-Abadir

Stacey began her career in the veterinary field working as a caretaker for over 300 animals at the Animal Refuge Center. She fell in love with the medical side of animal care and decided to pursue an entry-level position at an animal clinic, which is where she received her training. From there, she began her journey with exotic medicine and worked as an exotics-only technician. Stacey has had a passion for animal care since she was very small. Having worked in this field now for several years, there is no doubt in her mind that this is what she's meant to do. For her, one of the most fulfilling aspects of her job is being able to make pets happy and healthy all while building a relationship with them and their owners. While she enjoys working with animals of all kinds, exotics (especially reptiles) hold a very special place in her heart.

Stacey and her fiance Joseph share their home with 5 dogs (Sadie and Pig the Pit Bulls and Stella, Annie, and Zoey the Chihuahuas), 2 geckos, and 3 snakes, but are always adding more to their menagerie. In her free time, Stacey enjoys being with her animals, going to the shooting range, visiting reptile expos with her fiance, and painting pet portraits.

Our Veterinary Support Staff in Naples

Stacey Sosinski

Animal Care

Betsy has a Bachelor's degree in Animal Behavior and a Certificate from Indiana University. Caring for animals brings her a lot of fulfillment and motivates her to continue seeking out things that bring joy and meaning to her life. Betsy has long been a pet owner and volunteer, advocating for the care and wellbeing of animals. After exploring different fields, she realized that veterinary work is the career for her.

Betsy's favorite aspect of her position is being able to work with animals every day and having the opportunity to advance to new positions within the clinic. She has 2 cats named Mooshu and Baloo and enjoys reading, watching independent and classic films, meditating, and running in her spare time.

Our Veterinary Support Staff in Naples

Betsy Winters


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