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Examining Your Pet

Pets should receive yearly physical exams, just like humans do. These allow our team to evaluate your pet’s condition and identify subtle and not-so-subtle issues. Our goal is to:

  • Make sure that your pet is healthy so we can set a baseline for future exams
  • Detect, diagnose and recommend treatment for any problems we find
  • Create a comprehensive health history so we are better equipped to catch medical concerns early

In addition to a nose-to-tail checkup, we also want to know how your pet is doing at home. Are they eating well? Are they on a balanced diet? Are they active?

Once we’ve covered these areas, we may recommend doing blood work and vaccinating your pet to increase their protection from disease.

Wellness for Puppies, Kittens, Adults, and Seniors

Puppies and kittens should see their veterinarian right away for a full checkup, which includes fecal testing to screen for intestinal parasites and a detailed conversation about their care. We may also administer their first vaccinations at this time if they are healthy.

Health maintenance is key for adult pets. Yearly exams, vaccinations, blood work and monthly doses of parasite preventive give them the best chance of staying healthy. Questions are always welcome because we want to make sure that your pet’s current healthcare routine is really benefiting them.

Senior dogs and cats need semiannual exams for detecting and preventing disease. Their health can change very quickly and you may not realize it at first since pets instinctively try to hide their pain. Semiannual blood testing and imaging are also encouraged for pets with chronic conditions such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Heart failure
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney disease
  • Dental disease

Start Your Pet on a Wellness Program

It’s never too late to get your pet’s health back on track. Call (239) 513-1777 to start your pet's wellness plan today.

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