Pet Grooming Services in Naples

Our hospital has a separate pet grooming facility run by three experienced and talented pet groomers. The services they provide include but are not limited to:

  • Bathing and blowdry
  • Brush outs
  • Shave downs
  • Dematting
  • Breed standard cuts and trims
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trims
  • Anal gland expression
dog grooming in naples, fl

How Grooming Keeps Pets Healthy

How does grooming help your pet? Let us count the ways:

  • Bathing your pet helps to remove accumulated dirt, dead skin cells, oil, and even parasites, which are not only unpleasant but can also cause skin irritation.
  • Additionally, grooming your pet gives us the chance to check their skin for scabs and bumps.
  • Ear cleaning is also important for helping to prevent ear infections, which can be caused by yeast, hair growth, or ear mites.
  • Washing and brushing out your pet's coat removes dead hair and prevents matting, which is painful and can affect how your pet stays warm (or keeps cool).
  • Keeping your pet's nails trimmed, especially if they're more of a lap dog, will keep their feet in the proper posture and ensure a healthy, normal gait.
  • Routine anal gland expression prevents irritation and abscesses from developing.

Before You Schedule An Appointment

Is your pet up-to-date on their vaccinations? Have they been tested for parasites? Are they current with their parasite preventives? If not, be sure to let us know so we can bring them up to date. We want to keep our pet grooming facility safe and welcoming for all.

Grooming appointments are available Monday through Saturday. Call (239) 513-1777 to schedule or ask about our drop-off times, services, and more.